'When you look up at that sky, tell me you don't know the world is bigger than this farm.'

Released 26 February 2018

Teddy Broderick is committed to her busy life in the country – seeding, harvest, shearing, and the daily milking of her grandmother’s cow – but she dreams of another life, in the world beyond the farm gate.

But just as she thinks she knows everything about her family, her grandmother Deirdre announces there is a house buried on the property, and archaeologist Will Hastings is coming to dig it up.

What is hidden in Deirdre’s childhood home that she needs to see again before she dies? What is preventing Teddy from living the life she truly wants, and will she ever find her freedom?

As Teddy and Will work to expose past secrets to the light,the stories they tell bring them together, and unearth a whole world of buried treasures.

The Drifter cover.jpg

‘Life isn’t just the breathing part, dear. It’s being here, with you.’




Released 19th September 2016

Cate Christie is a drifter, moving restlessly through her carefree youth until tragedy strikes, and her life is changed forever. She flees the city, seeking refuge at her great-aunt Ida’s farm in the wheatfields of Western Australia.

There she finds Henry, a swagman whose dark eyes and heavy heart hold secrets he’s not willing to share.

When Ida is no longer able to go on, Cate and Henry are put to the ultimate test. Together they must embrace the true meaning of family, community and love so they can put their own ghosts to rest.

The Drifter is a moving and highly original story from an exciting new voice in rural writing, about what it takes to make a good life, a good death – and how to capture the magic inbetween.


‘Fresh, contemporary and authentic, I loved this heartfelt tale of redemption.’

Barbara Hannay